10 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. Saw you last night in Boston with Sturgill, you killed it! So crisp and warm at the same time, you really got the crowd fired up!


    1. Thanks man, sorry I haven’t replied sooner! What a great time we have playing together, I think that energy is obvious.


  2. I wasn’t expecting such a fabulous horn section at the Sturgill Simpson show this evening, good lord you guys killed it. Thank you


  3. Spent so many nights listening live to Al Hirt when he was at his best. Not since than have I heard anyone close to you…….you, too have put the highest mark on the post……..congratulations. I have to see you live…….


    1. Ed, my name doesn’t belong in the same sentence. Thanks for listening, I’m stunned, all of the time, that this is all happening. There’s so much luck involved….


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